Ökonomie der Anpassung an den Klimawandel

Ökonomie der Anpassung an den Klimawandel


Matteo Roggero (2015):
Adapting institutions: exploring climate adaptation through institutional economics and set relations
Ecological Economics Journal 118 (S. 114-122)

Ulrike Lehr, Anne Nieters, Thomas Drosdowski (2015):
Climate change adaptation and the German economy
GWS Discussion Paper 2015 / 10

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Jesko Hirschfeld (2015):
Costs and Benefits of Adaptation Options – How Scale Levels and Normative Assumptions Can Change the Ranking of Alternatives.
econCCadapt, Berlin

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Anne Nieters, Thomas Drosdowski, Ulrike Lehr (2015):
Do extreme weather events damage the German economy?

GWS Discussion Paper 2015/2
Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftliche Strukturforschung mbH, Osnabrück

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